Most Venerable Dr. Shi Kuang Seng

Due to conviction in Buddhism and determination to devote a whole life to work for the highest benefits of Buddhism and humanity, especially for children and ladies, Mrs. Varaporn Lertrangsi, a Thai-born lady, decided to receive a full Bhiksuni ordination at Puji Monastery, Mount Pu Tuo, China in 1991.

In the ordination, the late Most Venerable Master Meaw San, the Vice President of Buddhist Association in China and the abbot of the temple, was the preceptor, with altogether 200 Mahayana Bhiksus and Bhiksunis witnessed the event. She received an ordained name: Shi Kuang Seng.

Most Venerable Dr. Shi Kuang Seng is a Bhiksuni whose wisdom and effort has been devoted for the highest benefits of Buddhism, the society and the nation. She has made a substantial contribution to the propagation of Buddha Dharma and to the development of Thai society in various aspects.

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